Handbag Photo Studio

Travelling light is really important to me, I hate being stuck in airport queues and frequently travel with carry on luggage. I love taking photos and a few essentials mean I can save the SLR for the really awesome trips.

Phone – I couldn’t live without my phone and can manage decent print quality pix. I avoid filters but HDR, panoramas, burst mode and the onscreen grid all help. Miss having an optical zoom but the portability makes up for it!

Flickr – running out of storage sucks. The Flickr and Dropbox apps upload images automatically whenever I’m on wifi. Flickr offers a TB of storage.

Camera grip – stabilising images at night can be achieved with a few beer bottles, but I recently picked up a device grip for a couple of bucks at the local dollar store. It has two sticky pads and can be bent into several angles.

All in one portable device – I stumbled across Nomad products at a local drug store. My all in one device can be used for storage, as a remote, a speaker and probably more.

Make up mirror – can be used to create interesting reflections or light conditions.

A charging cable always helps. All the above fit into a medium handbag, alongside all those other essentials.


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